Aspis for SiOnyx Aurora
  • Aspis for SiOnyx Aurora

Aspis for SiOnyx Aurora

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The Aspis shield protects the SiOnyx Aurora lenses from scratches and impacts.



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The part is 3D printed out of PETG. The walls are thick and strong (the external diameter Ø is 55.8mm).
Partially flexible so the hood can be easily slid over the Aurora but tough enough so you’ll not lose it.

Allows focus adjustment. Aspis-G features a double notch that can be aligned with the camera’s focus mark.


  1. Aspis-S - slim and smooth surface.
  2. Aspis-G - has notches for better grip with gloves


The lens are made from PLEXIGLAS® which is 4mm thick.

Clarity test 

The 4mm PLEXIGLAS® does not interfere with the camera lens at all. See here the clarity test filmed with the Aurora itself.

Impact test

The 4mm PLEXIGLAS® is strong enough that it resisted multiple impacts of a 0.20 grams BBs traveling at 90 m/s (~1 joule).

In the clip a Tokyo Marui P226 was used (which according to Japan laws is exactly under 1 joule). Considering that and the safety rules of different action sports (airsoft, paintball, etc.) the shield should protect from most of the impacts.

The shield was broken when shot at with a 0.45 grams BB around 130m/s from point blank.

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SiOnyx Aurora
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3D Printed Plastic

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