M.A.C.H.O.S. Configurator

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Configure your own M.A.C.H.O.S. v2020 for your particular usecase. It features:

  1. Modular arms (fast and toolless arm install/swap)
  2. Pivoting arms (reliefs neck stress on prolongued use - torque adjustable)
  3. Identical arms for Left & Right (e.g. a PVS-14 & Breach setup can be swapped to Breach & PVS-14 in seconds)
  4. Pupilary Distance adjustable arms  (toolless and "Infinite" from 60mm to 70mm)
  5. Co-Alignable arms (allows binocular setup of any device combination (PVS-14, Mini-Rail: FLIR Breach, SIONYX Aurora)
  6. Wobble free, rock solid but super light construction (125grams ~ 4.4oz)

Not 100% sure on how to configure it for your devices? Send us an email or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Left Arm
Right Arm
Helmet mount interface
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Adaptive Combat Helmet Optics System

The v2020 revision Feature and Improvements

M.A.C.H.O.S. possibilites. Photo Credits to Nick Chen @ TFB

Eye piece alignment

  • All of the arms (Aurora, PVS-14, Mini-Rail) ensure a binocular setup by aligning the device eyepieces.

Pivoting arms with adjustable hinge torque

  • Allows the devices to be pivoted and folded closer to the head
  • Drastically reduces the "weight" and stress put on your neck, by moving the devices closer to your head
  • Adjustable torque (via the front M5 screw) for pivoting the arms

Pupillary Distance Adjustability (60mm to ~70mm)

  • Large plastic thumb-screws allow fast pupillary-distance field adjustment while wearing gloves.
  • Clock Wise = reduce PD
  • Counter Clock Wise = increase PD

"Infinite" adjustment independent for each eye

  • 30mm to 34.875mm (60mm to ~70mm) Pupillary Distance

Fore & Aft adjustment with Multiple dovetail positions

  • 3 different dovetail spots allowing fore & aft adjustments

Light and Wobble free

  • CNC Machined out of 6061 Aluminium components
  • 125 gr (4.4 oz)
  • Arms tensioners. Small thumb screws in the back of the center section will allow the tensioning and/or the locking of the arm.


Dovetail mounts

  • CNC Machined dovetail interface shoe out of 6061 Aluminium
  • Multiple seating positions via the 3 included bases, that allow even more fore & aft adjustment relatively to the eye

Bayonet mounts

  • Coming soon!

SIONYX Aurora arms

Compatible devices

  • Aurora (classic)
  • Aurora Sport
  • Aurora Black
  • Aurora PRO
  • Co-Aligns with other SIONYX Auroras, PVS-14, Mini-Rail devices like FLIR Breach, NYX-14, etc.

Captive Thumb Screws which allow Collimation (New!)

  • Rapidly add and remove the camera without worrying you will lose the screw.
  • Easily collimate 1 or 2 SIONYX Aurora devices by pivoting them.

PVS-14 arms

Compatible devices

  • PVS-14 devices with neck diameter of 37mm (1.45")
  • PVS-14 devices with power knob smaller than 22mm
  • Co-Aligns with other SIONYX Auroras, PVS-14, Mini-Rail devices like FLIR Breach, NYX-14, etc.

Mini-Rail arms

Compatible devices

  • IRay / InfiRay ML19 and MH25
  • FLIR Breach (Warning! The Mini-Rails can be out of specs. Multiple online reviews are stating this: review #1review #2)
  • NYX-14
  • These adapters can hold the mini-rails with the following dimensions (lower trapezoidal base lower than 11mm, upper trapezoidal base lower than 13mm)
  • Devices with mini-rails that are out-of-spec will not fit or will have wobble. Please double check before ordering.
  • Co-Aligns with other SIONYX Auroras, PVS-14, Mini-Rail devices like FLIR Breach, NYX-14, etc.

Short Mini-Rail arms

Compatible devices

  • SIONYX Opsin DNVM1 (the device can't be stowed to the helmet because of the battery plug hitting the dovetail mount) 
  • Other mini-rail devices (places the device higher than the standard mini-rail arm)
  • Co-Aligns with other SIONYX Auroras, Opsins, PVS-14s, Mini-Rail devices like FLIR Breach, NYX-14, etc.

Product reviews

  1. Anvil Airsoft video
  2. The Firearm Blog


EN: This product is designed, engineered and built for the sole purpose of training, sports (hiking, airsoft, stargazing and astronomy, boating), LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and re-enactment.
RO: Acest produs este proiectat, dezvoltat si construit in scopul exclusiv de a fi folosit la antrenamente, sporturi in aer liber (drumetii, airsoft, astronomie, plimbari cu barca, LARP (Live Action Role Playing) si reconstituiri. 

Data sheet

Compatible device
FLIR Breach
IRay ML19, MH25
SiOnyx Aurora

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