M.A.C.H.O.S. v2020 Front Rendering
  • M.A.C.H.O.S. v2020 Front Rendering
  • M.A.C.H.O.S. v2020 Back Rendering

M.A.C.H.O.S. for SIONYX Aurora

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Use your SIONYX Auroras hands-free on your helmet (requires dovetail mount) via a M.A.C.H.O.S. v2020 for dual SIONYX Auroras. It features:

  1. Modular arms (fast and toolless arm install/swap)
  2. Pivoting arms (reliefs neck stress on prolongued use - torque adjustable)
  3. Pupillary Distance adjustable arms  (toolless and "Infinite" from 60mm to 70mm)
  4. Upgradable platform (allows future upgrades to PVS-14s or other Mini-Rail devices)
  5. Wobble free, rock solid but super light construction (125grams ~ 4.4oz)
Compatible helmet mount
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Mission Adaptive Combat Helmet Optics System

The v2020 revision Feature and Improvements

Eye piece alignment

  • All of the arms (Aurora, PVS-14, Mini-Rail) ensure a binocular setup by aligning the device eyepieces.

Pivoting arms with adjustable hinge torque

  • Allows the devices to be pivoted and folded closer to the head
  • Drastically reduces the "weight" and stress put on your neck, by moving the devices closer to your head
  • Adjustable torque (via the front M5 screw) for pivoting the arms

Pupillary Distance Adjustability (60mm to ~70mm)

  • Large plastic thumb-screws allow fast pupillary-distance field adjustment while wearing gloves.
  • Clock Wise = reduce PD
  • Counter Clock Wise = increase PD

"Infinite" adjustment independent for each eye

  • 30mm to 34.875mm (60mm to ~70mm) Pupillary Distance

Fore & Aft adjustment with Multiple dovetail positions

  • 3 different dovetail spots allowing fore & aft adjustments

Light and Wobble free

  • CNC Machined out of 6061 Aluminium components
  • 125 gr (4.4 oz)
  • Arms tensioners. Small thumb screws in the back of the center section will allow the tensioning and/or the locking of the arm.


Dovetail mounts

  • CNC Machined dovetail interface shoe out of 6061 Aluminium
  • Multiple seating positions via the 3 included bases, that allow even more fore & aft adjustment relatively to the eye

Bayonet mounts

  • Coming soon!

Compatible devices

  • Aurora (classic)
  • Aurora Sport
  • Aurora Black
  • Aurora PRO

Captive Thumb Screws which allow Collimation (New!)

  • Rapidly add and remove the camera without worrying you will lose the screw.
  • Easily collimate 1 or 2 SIONYX Aurora devices by pivoting them.

Product reviews

  1. Lion’s Gear Solutions video (coming soon)
  2. Anvil Airsoft video
  3. The Firearm Blog


EN: This product is designed, engineered and built for the sole purpose of training, sports (hiking, airsoft, stargazing and astronomy, boating), LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and re-enactment.
RO: Acest produs este proiectat, dezvoltat si construit in scopul exclusiv de a fi folosit la antrenamente, sporturi in aer liber (drumetii, airsoft, astronomie, plimbari cu barca, LARP (Live Action Role Playing) si reconstituiri. 

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Compatible device
SiOnyx Aurora

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